Improving the Service to the Public

Q-Better uses breakthrough technology to create Queue Management, Digital Signage and Retail Analytics systems that improve the service in any place where there is information to be communicated.

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Bloom, Rethinking Queue Management



Bloom is an easy to install state of the art technology
Bloom is a Queue Management system operated through an embedded web-server. Bloom has a Linux and Windows version.

This solution has a simple plug and play configuration and it allows you to create modular configurations of players through a Master and Slave architecture.

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V4, the most complete line of systems


What is V4?
V4 is the most complete line of systems of Q-Better. It has solutions for Digital Signage, Queue Management and Retail Analytics.

These systems are “software only applications” and are all based on Windows. With V4 you can integrate all of these systems creating a complete and broad solution for your business.

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