Bloom Servers

Besides the management performed locally, it is also possible to setup and manage a network of Bloom Masters through the Bloom Enterprise Server. There are also other servers for two other products: Bloom Appointments and Bloom Virtual Ticket.

Bloom Appointments is used to schedule customer appointments and Bloom Virtual Ticket allows customers to take a virtual ticket before arriving at the site.
All Bloom Servers share the same database, allowing standardisation of the customers’ information and consequent link between all Bloom products.

Bloom Enterprise Server

Bloom Enterprise Server is a solution for large networks. This system allows to remotely and centrally manage all the Masters in a Bloom network, while providing in-depth business data through statistics.


It is web-based and its backoffice can be accessed through any device with a web browser, from where it is possible to:
  • Manage the network settings in real-time

  • Manage content playlists and send it to the remote players

  • Setup the hardware

  • Replicate settings from one player to another

  • Control the status of users and devices


The dashboard shows a quick perception of the global network status:
  • Key performance indicators

  • Average waiting and service times

  • Number of answered, waiting and cancelled tickets

  • Users and devices status per branch

  • Notifications about connection and devices status


Bloom Enterprise Server gives professionals a wide overview about their network and resources performance through statistics:
  • By branch, group of branches or total of branches, allowing to compare branches

  • Waiting and service time

  • Number of answered, waiting and cancelled tickets

Bloom Appointments

Bloom Appointments allows professionals to manage appointments and give their customers a better experience through self-service scheduling. This will help businesses to organize and plan customer-service in advance, improving resources deployment.


With Bloom Appointments, customers can pre-book an appointment by themselves, on-site or on a website, at a time that suits them best. It improves customer experience by providing a finite waiting time expectation and removing its uncertainty.
It also gives a more precise idea of the customer flow on each location, allowing professionals to plan the resources accordingly.
As a web-based system, its backoffice can be accessed through any device with a web browser, and it allows to:
  • Access customers’ profiles, and their historical record of appointments

  • Create a widget to integrate on the business’s website or on ticket dispensers located on-site

  • Setup each location individually

  • Create users with different permission roles

  • Access statistics and analytical data

Bloom Virtual Ticket

Bloom Virtual Ticket is a mobile application that allows customers to take a ticket before they arrive at the site and it keeps them informed about the queue status. This mobile application improves customer experience by providing autonomy and allowing customers to occupy their time as they find more convenient.

With this application, customers are able to:
  • Search by business or service – the results are displayed based on their geo-position

  • Access information about the business (such as open hours, for example)

  • Check the waiting conditions in real-time

  • Select one or more services

  • Receive notifications

  • Give feedback