Ticket Dispensers & Tablet Kiosks

Our ticket kiosks are a simple self-service solution for customers to enter the queuing process. There are two types to choose from: ticket dispensers or tablet kiosk. Both allow the customer to choose a service, check-in for previously booked appointments or even to schedule a new one.

Ticket dispensers

Self-service paper ticket dispensing kiosks, that also allow customers to check-in or book an appointment.
  • Provide paper tickets

  • Three models: 1 with buttons and 2 with touchscreen (10” or 15”)

  • Available in white or black

Tablet kiosks

Application for tablets where the customer enters the queue by filling a form.
  • Application for tablets

  • Table, floor stand and wall supports available

Bloom Concierge

Bloom Concierge adds a personal touch to customer service. Empowering staff members with this application, habilitates them to approach customers, listen to what they came to do and help them to enter the queuing process.

This application can serve different scenarios, from saving time to customers to boost queues on the busiest times of the day. Bloom Concierge is an application where it is possible to:
  • Generate virtual tickets

  • Book appointments

  • Call and manage tickets in line

  • Get real-time information about the queue status

  • Prioritize customers with special needs

Bloom Displays

Secondary displays can be used to provide more information, mainly about which ticket or customer is being served in each counter. There are two different options: Bloom Slave players and LED displays.

Bloom Slave players

Connecting a Bloom Slave player to an additional screen, it is possible to manage the contents that will be displayed.
  • Queue Management module

  • Multimedia module

  • Logo

  • Date

  • Clock

  • Ticker

LED displays

The LED displays will highlight the called ticket in the counter to which the customer must go.

Bloom Extender

Bloom Extender is a multifunction application for tablets, intended to be placed faced to the customer side. It allows to display different types of contents while serving customers: last called ticket, multimedia contents, surveys and a thank you message.

Bloom Extender works under counter mode or site mode:

  • The counter mode keeps customers informed at different moments: when a ticket is called, while that customer is served and after service

  • The site mode is used for tablets on-site to display contents and a general survey for anyone at the site