Digital Signage | V4 Q-DS

Q-DS is a simple and powerful digital signage system that allows the creation, scheduling and display of advertisement and information. This system is a tool of high utility in any place where there is information to be displayed or products to be sold.

With Q-DS it is possible to influence customers through the use of strategically placed screens to allow the:
  • Brand and product recognition by the customer

  • Influence level increase in the point of sale

  • Improvement of the efficiency of the promotional campaigns

  • Enhancement of the customers’ experience, improving their loyalty


How it works?


Easily add and setup modules of contents to display.


Define a schedule for each contents set.


Display contents created.

Enterprise Server | V4 Q-ES

Q-ES is a web server that allows to centrally manage a network of Q-DS players.

The Enterprise Server allows to:
  • Manage all the network settings locally or remotely in real time

  • Create and manage users and their permissions

  • Check statistics for each player or by groups of players

  • Edit and schedule playlists for all network

  • Manage the network bandwidth